My computer innards are about as foreign to me as my car innards and seemingly just as complex. So when my computer ceased to function, I felt like an intrepid ignoramous on how to go about getting it fixed. I saw Little Dog Tech's ad and I must admit the prices (flat fees especially) initially enticed me and drew me in. I contacted Paul at Little Dog Tech and everything from there on was easier, faster and cheaper than I could have ever anticipated from so mysterious an occupation. Paul picked up and delivered my computer personally. Then when it required parts, he searched around to find something economical and functional and called me to let me know exactly what was up on every step of the journey. In the end, my computer came back fully functional, quieter, and somewhat faster. I highly recommend Little Dog Tech.
Jessica D.
Have you wondered what you would do if your computer stops working? Well, worry no more. I called a few different places to get an idea of cost to repair what I believed to be a broken jack on my laptop. Little Dog Tech returned my call quickly and I found their website to be very informative about costs for different issues. I took the laptop to the store (that is in a small strip mall on the corner of 50th and Ashworth). I received a call from Paul the next day telling me he couldn't find anything wrong with the jack and it may only be that my cord was the problem. It turns out he was correct. So not only did he find the problem quickly, he was honest with me about the jack not needing to be replaced. That sold me. Give this place a chance if you find yourself in a pickle. They were great for me.
Tommy T.
knows his stuff...good price
Unknown Customer
2 things people want when they have a computer problem..a quick diagnose and reasonable charge for the fix. I got both of these using Paul at Little Dog Tech. He did a great job fixing my computer quickly and for a reasonable price. I would certainly use him again if I had any other computer problems in the future. Having used other local shops I can say this is the best I have used in the DSM area.
Unknown Customer
Paul and the other guys were great to work with. They removed all of the bugs from my computer and then took the time to walk me through connecting my iphone to my wireless! Highly recommended.
Jackson Armitrage
I was looking for a used DVD player and used a few minutes of their techs time. The new DVD player didn't fix my issue but they were very nice and helpful about it. Thanks!
Unknown Customer
Great people and great service!
Todd Pietig
This is a quality business owned by a highly qualified computer technician. And.... he hires highly qualified technicians. I've used Paul to help me with my PCs many times and I began doing so even before he opened at this location. I have never been anything other than pleased with everything he has done for me . You'll get good service at fair prices here. I recommend Paul and Little Dog Tech highly!
I can’t say enough about the knowledge and service commitment I have found here. Paul, and his staff, are smart, patient and hard working. I am impressed how well they remember things they have done for me in the past without even consulting their records. Their prices are fair, or better. They have really earned my business and I strongly recommend you try them
Bill Roach
It's nice to have a friendly computer repair shop in my neighborhood. I'm happy with the service. Thanks!
Bill Cantrell
Very professional and knowledgeable. Convenient store hours and very responsive to questions through email, phone, or in person. I've used them twice for computer issues and would again.
Daniel Shebses